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Gun Magnets | A Tactical and Innovative Way to Store Your Firearm

Gun Magnets | A Tactical and Innovative Way to Store Your Firearm

For home defense or personal protection, a gun will only be useful if you have quick and easy to it at a moment’s notice. Thugs and home invaders never give a warning shot before they strike. You must always have access to your weapon, be it your EDC Glock or home defense shotgun, at the drop of a hat. Defense always involves reacting to an imminent and potential threat, and every second count. Having your personal defense weapon at your disposal at exactly the right moment when you need it can save not only your life but your loved ones as well.

Gun safes are perfect for storing firearms at home; holsters are best for keeping your concealed carry firearm with you at all times. However, there will be situations when you need to set aside your weapon and do regular daily things, like work behind an office desk or a counter.  Or when driving, you to want your gun close at hand, and ready draw – which is not an easy thing to do if you are behind the wheel with your EDC tucked snuggly in your waist.


Why do you need a magnetic gun mount?

We at RSC Tactical our proud to offer to you our magnetic gun mount line which provides a perfect option for these situations. All you need is a secure flat horizontal or vertical surface and a few minutes to install the mount and you are set. You can place a magnetic gun mount under your desk or counter at your work area. Any horizontal surface, such as under a desk or coffee table, will do. The idea here is that you keep the pistol out of sight but always ready when you need it.

Using magnetic gun mounts for your home

At home, you can install several of these magnetic gun mounts at strategic locations where you can have a firearm at certain areas where you are most likely to need them. With gun safety in mind, it is best to place gun mounts in higher inaccessible areas such as cupboards or bookshelves when there are little children in the house. For the much older kids and teens, as you may already know, they must be taught basic knowledge of gun safety and handling. After all, if you aren’t at home when trouble comes breaking in, they must be able to defend themselves with a firearm. Sometimes, calling 911 isn’t just enough when dealing with violent individuals who are intent on not only taking valuables from your home but maybe up to far worse things as well.

These magnetic mounts can also be used as a vertical magnetic gun wall mount, or you can buy several of them and use these to organize your gun safe.  You may also have a ready multi magazine and gun mounting magnet with you when you are plinking tins at your own range in the backyard. However, check how much weight the gun magnet can hold. RSC Tactical’s Gun Magnets are rated to secure 43 pounds. This rating is more than good enough for a fully loaded Glock 21 which weighs 2.4 lbs or a 7.5 lbs shotgun plus a half a pound or so with shells, as well as most AR-type M16’s that weight around 7.9 lbs with 20 rounds of ammo. It is recommended that you buy a pair of magnets for rifles. Rifles are longer and will tend to pivot while secured in one mount at the middle, like a pinwheel. Use two mounts, one placed at the barrel and another at the receiver for increased safety. Most rifles have plastic or wooden stocks, so we do not recommend securing these areas with magnetic mounts.


Using a gun magnet mount for cars

Many people often search for gun magnet for car or “magnetic vehicle gun wall mount.” There have also been some not so favorable reviews, issues and customer feedback about how magnetic gun mounts are not the best option for vehicles. The problem, as we see it, all boils down to some brands having weak magnets or magnets which are not as powerful as advertised. Our gun mount magnets at RSC Tactical are up to the task when it comes to keeping your pistol or handgun secure in a vehicle. As long as it’s properly installed in the right space, you won’t have a problem. However, what if you don’t want to punch holes in the center console of your vehicle nearest to your thigh or somewhere beneath the steering wheel area? We recommend supply a double-sided adhesive strip with every gun magnet for those situations. Still, if you have issues about having a gun held in place by a magnet while driving your car, a gun magnet mount will still come in handy. Place a gun magnet at the center console cubicle to keep it vertical and ready to use. You can also position it horizontally at the top of the glove box so you have fast and convenient access.


What’s the best way to mount a pistol or rifle on a magnetic mount?

We highly recommend securing your handgun or pistol at the flattest part of the slide. Keep any protruding part like a slide release getting in the way for a larger area of contact with the gun magnet. For pistols with flat parts at the side and top of the slide like a Glock, this will not be a problem. Also, 1911 type pistols with a rounded slide at the top or those with exposed barrels like the Berretta 92FS, mounting these at the side would be perfect. Revolvers are a bit tricky, but most of these have flat tops and can be mounted on a magnet.

To sum it all up, a gun magnet is not a substitute for a gun safe or a holster.  Instead, it provides you with a tactical option of storing your firearm at any place you may want for quick and easy access.

If you want to buy only the best magnetic gun mount for your home, office, or vehicle, visit us at RSC Tactical.